Why Do Swim Trunks Have Netting?

Like any pair of shorts, men’s swim trunks have their own special qualities that work to keep you feeling comfortable whenever you wear them. A good pair of swim trunks is made to move however you do when you’re at the beach, by the pool or taking a dip in the water. For that reason, many styles of swim trunks have added features or elements that set them apart from other types of shorts. One of the most common elements is a net-like lining on the inner region of the shorts. Here’s why swim trunks have this netting and other unique features. 

The Reason Behind Netting

Above all else, the inner mesh or net lining included in your favorite swim trunks is there to help you. Unless you have a reason to do so or a very strong preference for wearing underwear underneath your swim trunks, there’s no reason why you should add that extra layer. In fact, wearing regular underwear under your swim shorts could lead to some negative side effects like faded underwear, rashes and general uncomfortableness, all of which are not things you want to experience while you’re trying to enjoy the beach. 

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The netting in your swim trunks is there to act as a protective yet breathable barrier between you and your swim trunks. You see, when your swim trunks get wet, they cling to your skin more closely. This closeness and moisture paired with the movement you generally engage in while wearing them is a breeding ground for skin irritation and discomfort. Once the netting is added, there is an extra comfortable layer saving you from all that irritation. The netting design allows your skin to breathe and helps your shorts and body dry more quickly after being submerged in the water or moistened by sweat or summer humidity. 

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Le Club Signature Features

Le Club Original swim trunks are an elevated take on classic swim trunks. They’re made to keep you comfortable all day long, from the beach to the street and all the way back home to the couch too! At Le Club, we’re committed to keeping you comfortable in swim trunks that also offer the perfect fit. Our mesh lining is just one way we achieve that. For added fit and comfort, our swim trunks come in sizes S-XXL and include an inseam length choice of 5.5" or 7" depending on your preference. 

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Though they have some similarities, board shorts differ from swim trunks in many ways. When weighing your board shorts vs. swim trunks options, swim trunks are generally a better option for regular wear. Our swim trunk styles include quick-dry fabric, a comfortable elastic waistband, a tailored fit and different length options in addition to netting that’s not included in board short styles. 

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Great Swim Trunks for a Cause

What’s even better than a pair of swim trunks that fit well, look great and keep you comfortable all day long? Helping the planet! Le Club swim trunks fall into the sustainable swimwear category for a few interesting reasons. The recycled polyester fabric used to make the shorts is made from used plastic bottles instead of manufacturing new fabric. The cotton blend is also made from organic cotton, which saves a whole lot of water in the process. At Le Club, you can count on our swim trunks to help keep the world healthy and beautiful while keeping you looking stylish and feeling great.

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