Golf Outfits for Men: The Ultimate Guide

Golf Outfits for Men: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re like us when it comes to spending a Sunday afternoon with the boys, you’re likely to go for a round of golf on your course of choice. Whether you’re in for a quick nine holes or a full eighteen followed by a few cold, well-deserved drinks at the clubhouse, it’s always good to know what to expect before a golf day. This is especially true if you’re new to the golf scene. In addition to brushing up on general golf course etiquette, it’s important to know your tee time, arrive early and either plan to rent clubs there or bring your own. With this checklist in mind, you’re all set for a great golf day and ready to choose an awesome golf outfit. Here’s your go-to guide for creating the perfect men’s golf outfits. 

Classic Golf Outfits: A Few Essentials to Consider

Before you hit the course in just any old outfit or start shopping for new golf-friendly clothes, it may be helpful to learn more about the styles, cuts and materials that make up a great golf course outfit. Below is a list of things to consider and shop for when searching for new golf clothes. You might already have a few of them in your closet! 

collared shirt on the course

A Few Good Collars

The golf course is a place to have fun, catch up with friends and work on your swing, but it’s not a place to wear a t-shirt or tank top. Instead, your golf endeavors should involve men’s shirts of a different variety. A collared shirt is simply a must when you’re at the club or on the course. It’s part of golf tradition and is required for entry at golf courses all over the world. Plus, it’s fun to wear one as a way to channel your inner golfer and give your graphic tees and sweatshirts a break. 

Whether you go for a bright pair of shorts, classic khakis or something else, there’s certainly a men’s collared shirt to complete any outfit. Add some color and fun to your outfit by choosing a collared shirt with a bright pattern, geometric design or a unique element that shows off your personality. 

Outdoor Approved Materials

Much like a quality beach outfit for men, a top-notch men’s golf outfit should not only look great, but also make you feel comfortable while you’re outside. It can get hot out there on the golf course, so make sure you’re prepared with an outfit and accessories that won’t get ruined in the hot sun. It’s also important to consider the possibility of an unexpected shower, which can leave you feeling wet and uncomfortable for the remainder of your golf game.

stylish trunks golf outfit pairing

To help with both of these, look for shirts with synthetic materials that offer quick dry time or sweat-wicking capabilities. When it comes to shorts or pants, consider a pair of nice athletic pants or even a stylish pair of swim trunks! Pair these with a good pair of golf shoes, a hat or visor and a golf umbrella, and you won’t be held back by surprise weather or super hot days. 

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Protective Clothing

Your beach outfits might have something in common with your golf attire after all! Much like the beach, certain parts of golf courses tend to get a lot of sun exposure depending on the time of day you play. Just because you’re not on the beach doesn’t mean you don’t need sunscreen and protective clothing, though. 

Make sure to apply lots of sunscreen on your face and body before you get to the course and bring more so you can keep applying throughout the day. Additionally, it’s a good idea to wear clothing that doubles as an extra layer of SPF while you’re on the driving range, the practice course or any part of the golf course without shade. Our Abaco Rash guard is a great option to stay safe in the sun. These quickdry shirts come in a number of colors and has protection of 50 SPF. Not to mention, they’re 100% sustainable and are incredibly comfortable and stylish, perfect for a golf outing.

crisp and comfortable linen shirt

At Le Club, we love a piece of clothing that does the most. That’s why our men’s shirts look great, are made to last and feature protection against harmful UV rays. Our crisp and comfortable linen shirts for men in particular are made to take you from the course to the beach and beyond while helping you prevent sunburn. 

Fresh Footwear and Accessories

No men’s golf outfit would be complete without the inclusion of a few finishing touches, and the most important one is a good pair of golf shoes. If you play frequently or want to invest in golf as a new hobby, head to a nearby golf store and get fitted by a professional. More often than not, golf shoe experts can recommend a specific style or brand that’s tailored to your specific needs. If you don’t play often enough to justify the expense, stick to a clean and classic pair of white sneakers. 

You might consider adding a hat to your golf outfit as well. Hats are quite popular within the golf world and have been worn by players and spectators alike for decades. Right now, baseball caps and classic visors are popular within the golf community, making it an easy grab from your closet if you have one that features your favorite sports team or alma mater. Remember to leave any hats with questionable words or phrases on them at home. 

For the ultimate finishing touches to your golf outfit, add a pair of sunglasses and a watch. When it comes to golf-friendly eyewear, make sure you choose a comfortable pair that won’t fall off easily. You want your sunglasses to protect your eyes but not filter your sight with any distortions or distracting colors! Keep time with a traditional watch or keep track of your steps with an exercise watch or smart watch! 

spice things up colorful shorts

Prints, Patterns and Color

Playing the game of golf is a celebration of the sport and a payment of respect to those who have fine-tuned it, mastered it and brought it to new places around the world for all to learn about and enjoy. That being said, the golf course is absolutely a place to show off your personal style, express your personality and showcase your love for golf through colorful pieces of clothing! 

White shirts, earthy colors and classic neutrals are often seen on the golf course, but it’s always a great decision to spice things up with a pair of colorful shorts or a bright polo. Consider adding a pop of color to your next golf course outfit. 

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Player vs. Spectator: Outfits for Playing and Watching Golf

When it comes to an outfit for playing golf, your clothing should fit you well, remain comfortable during play and adhere to any dress code specifics mandated by the course or golf club. A go to golf day outfit is made up of nice, comfortable shorts, a collared shirt with short sleeves, a casual hat, sunglasses, a belt and a pair of golf shoes. During the colder months, your ideal golf outfit might include long pants instead of shorts and an athletic pullover or half zip sweater to keep you warm.

group of friends toast cocktails

On the other hand, not everyone goes to the golf course to play. Whether you’re there to catch a glimpse of a golf tournament or just enjoying the amenities at the surrounding facilities, golf club outfits for men generally include a few different pieces. You might choose to wear a combination of chinos or khaki pants, a button-up shirt and nice sneakers or loafers while watching golf. In most cases, the same dress code rules apply whether you’re playing or just watching, which means collared shirts are key and jeans are a general no. 

Beach Outfits vs. Golf Outfits: Key Details and Differences

The beach and the golf course are both special places. They’re both areas in which you are encouraged to stay active, connect with others and celebrate the greatness of the natural world. While they share similarities in these areas, they differ greatly in their dress codes. A golf course outfit might not seem too out of place on the beach, but a beach outfit probably wouldn’t cut it for playing 18 holes of golf anywhere.

In addition to your favorite swim trunks, your beach outfit should include a pair of sandals, sunglasses, lots of sunscreen and a coverup. The latter might take its shape in the form of a t-shirt or tank top, while nicer and more protective options include long-sleeve button-ups and rash guards. Overall, think of your beach outfits as more casual and laid-back than a golf course outfit. One thing the two different outfits have in common, however, is that a nice pair of swim shorts can double as a fun pair of golf shorts! Wear them on the driving range or on a hot golf day to keep you dry and comfortable. 

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Footwear reveals another key difference between beach outfits and golf outfits. Sandals are best suited for the beach because they are easily put on and taken off when moving between the sand, concrete and pavement. They’re comfortable and don’t hold onto much sand, whereas golf shoes or sneakers tend to get uncomfortably hot on the beach and accumulate a small sandcastle worth of grit. 

If you’re a fan of both the beach and the golf course, consider versatile pieces that allow for wear in both settings like a nice pair of sunglasses, hats, lightweight collared shirts for men and swim trunks that mimic the look of nice athletic shorts or golf shorts. 

Going Green on the Green: Golf Outfits and Sustainability

The golf course itself is what makes playing golf a wonderful experience. The atmosphere showcases so many beautiful elements of the earth that double as a playing board for golfers. It’s the lush, manicured grass, the shrubs and foliage, the towering trees and the blue skies that make a day at the golf course something you want to have over and over again.

man in linen shirt on stairs

Le Club is no stranger to the great outdoors and all it offers to those who call this planet their home. As a response to the natural wonders of the earth and a growing effort to preserve them, we have joined the sustainable fashion movement and are very proud to produce sustainable clothing and swimwear for men and boys. Our goal is to support the global sustainability movement, inform others about how we can keep the earth clean and beautiful and make sustainable clothing accessible to everyone. 

Sustainability starts with a choice. When it comes to the process of creating Le Club Original clothing, that initial choice centers around the materials we use. Our swim trunks are made from recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton, which helps reduce waste and give single-use plastics another life. That means you can feel good about wearing them to the beach, on the golf course or anywhere, knowing they are made from recycled and organic materials, fully recyclable and making a real difference for our planet. 


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