What Is a Rash Guard?

Whether you’re planning to travel, work or indulge in some serious rest and relaxation this summer, you deserve to have the appropriate outfits. If you’re outdoorsy and love the summer sun, you’re probably gearing up to make the most of the summer weather. Between brushing up on your watersports skills, playing beach volleyball and having some chill time on the sand, you might need to add a few new beachwear pieces to your collection.

It’s important to have a few options when it comes to men’s swim trunks, t-shirts and comfortable footwear in addition to protective garments like hats, sunglasses and rash guards. If the latter isn’t a familiar term, keep reading for a closer look at rash guards and why they’re a great addition to any wardrobe. 

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What Exactly Is a Rash Guard?

A rash guard is a piece of clothing worn by surfers, beachgoers and outdoor lovers alike. It’s widely considered to be a piece of athleticwear, but it’s also a great option for water activities, casual daytime wear and many other activities outside of the gym. Rash guards are typically made from synthetic fabrics like spandex or nylon, which means they move well, stretch and keep you feeling cool and dry during wear. They also work perfectly as casual tops or protective beach shirts for men because of their sun protection ability. 

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That’s right, these shirts are known for being tightly woven and thick enough to scatter or redirect the sun’s harmful UV rays, meaning it can help prevent sunburn and other forms of skin damage on any part of the body it covers. Essentially, a rash guard is an extra layer of sun protection and the perfect addition to your summer sunscreen routine

Rash Guard vs. Beach Shirt

There are plenty of beach-friendly shirt options out there, which is why it’s easy to get rash guards confused with other cover ups. For instance, you might think that all shirts marketed as “beach shirts” will provide you with an extra layer of sun protection, but this isn’t always the case. In the linen vs. cotton shirts debate, both offer sun protection, but linen tends to do a better job of keeping you dry and comfortable. A rash guard gives you the best of both worlds, plus it looks great as a piece of year round athleticwear or loungewear. 

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How to Style a Rash Guard

Rash guards are super versatile, which means you can wear them with multiple types of outfits. You should definitely wear one to the beach or pack it in your beach bag before you head out for a day of fun in the sun. If you feel the sun getting more intense throughout the day or feel the beginning of a sunburn, reapply your sunscreen, and then throw on a rash guard over your swim trunks as an extra layer of sun protection. 

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You can also rock a rash guard as part of a casual outfit without swim trunks. For optimum comfort, pair your rash guard with sweat shorts or joggers. This combo is especially great for car rides, running errands and working from home. Mix it up and wear your rash guard with all your favorite casual outfits this summer! 

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