Boardshorts Are Boring - 3 Reasons To Wear Le Club's Stylish Swim Trunks

Looking to revamp your style on the beach or at the lake this summer? You’ll want to pick up a pair of modern-cut, stylish swim trunks from Le Club Original – ASAP! Why? Because traditional boardshorts are boring, stale, and unattractive. Today, there are dozens of alternatives to long and boring boardshorts – and with a high-quality set of swim trunks from Le Club Original, you’re sure to look your best.Still need more convincing? Here are 3 more reasons you should wear stylish swim trunks this spring and summer!
  1. You’ll Look Good On – And Off – The Beach
The right pair of swim trunks can make you look – and feel – great! Our trunks are cut above the knee for a modern, streamlined look that’s very popular in Europe and abroad, and with a variety of patterns available, you’re sure to find one that suits you. Interested in bold, bright colors and patterns? Our Fish Neon pattern integrates mosaic-like tiles with a splash of color for a unique look. More interested in a subdued appearance? Our I Fly trunks incorporate a subtle butterfly pattern with a navy-and-white color that works both on and off the beach. On the beach, you can look your best, and feel confident. And when it’s time to head out for lunch or dinner, our trunks are up to the task. They dry quickly, and include pockets to stash your stuff. Toss on a pair of sandals, a linen shirt, and a straw hat – and you’re ready to head out on the town!
  1. Traditional Boardshorts Are Uncomfortable And Heavy
Most traditional boardshorts and swim trunks are made out of heavier nylon materials that may take a while to dry. In addition, they often extend below the knee. The more material there is, the longer it takes a pair of swim trunks to dry. This means that, after you go swimming, you may have to wait quite a while before your shorts dry. This is not the case with modern, stylish trunks from Le Club Original. We use thin, but durable Supplex soft-touch fabric for our designer swim trunks. It dries quickly, and due to the shorter construction of our trunks, you won’t have to wait around for them to dry while you’re dripping on your beach towel.
  1. You Will Feel Comfortable And Confident
Our swim trunks are designed to flatter your body, and provide a great alternative to lower-cost, poor quality swim trunks. From the soft-touch fabric to the gentle lining of our trunks, you’re sure to feel comfortable and confident – you’ll look your best at the beach this year! Shop Now – And Grab A Matching Pair For Your Little One! There’s no better time than the present to shop for swim trunks for the spring and summer season. Benefit from discounts, special offers, and more at Le Club Original! And if you need a pair of trunks for your son, you’re in the right place! We have dozens of matching swim trunks available, both for fathers and sons. Whether you want to match with your kid this summer, or are just interested in high-quality trunks for your son, you’ll find what you need at Le Club Original. Shop today!

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