Back To School: Styling Your Kid For The First Day

After more than a year of virtual learning, schools are all set to open. While adjusting to the new routine can take some time, styling your kid for school can help him get excited for his first physical class after a long time.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while styling your kid for going back to school. Let’s dive straight in!

  1. Style your kid in a comfortable and easy to carry outfit. Choose a lightweight and breathable fabric which is appropriate for all seasons. In a world of ever-evolving kid’s fashion, a white shirt like the Le Club’s Linen White Shirt can make a classy and cool outfit for your child. The lime trim detail and Le Club embroidery on the shirt will help amp up your child’s overall look. When recreating your child’s back to school wardrobe, Le Club’s Linen White Shirt is a must-have!
  1. To complement the white shirt, you can go for a pair of comfy day-wear shorts. Does finding a perfectly fitting and invincibly comfortable lower for your kid seem difficult? Don’t worry. Le Club has ensured the two by fusing elastane in the cotton fabric of Deson Navy Blue Shorts. The material has a softer feel and authentic touch to it. Not to forget, small imperfections and color differences in its texture make it a distinctive piece. You can also style it with a printed or colored shirt like Peter Linen Boys Shirt - Aqua.
  1. Shoes make an indispensable part of your kid’s attire. To step up your child’s back to school attire, match or contrast the color of his shoes with the outfit. Not undermining the beauty of classics, even a pair of black or white shoes can also look great. Remember, footwear has the power to make or break the overall look.
  1. The back to school look would be incomplete without styling your kid’s hair. Make sure to get his haircut done before the big day. Take your child’s inputs on which hair style he likes the most. Go for a chic yet easy to carry look for your child.
  1. Make sure your kid wears a beautiful smile. As cliché as it sounds, no style is complete without a happy face!

Have fun and experiment with your child’s back to school outfits. Encourage him to pick his own outfit the night before. It can be an interesting way to get him in the groove of learning. Shop our versatile styles to find the perfect outfit for your kid’s back to school attire. We’re sure they will rock their first day look!

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