Back to College: Fall Edition

Getting ready to go back to school was eventful for a lot of students this fall. After learning virtually for a year, many students were ready to get back to campus and make the most out of their college experience.

We interviewed two students to see what they looked forward to most this fall semester.

We have Isabella Ciocca, a sophomore at Cornell University who is majoring in Molecular & Cell Biology. And we have Jorge Perez, a sophomore at the University of Florida who is majoring in telecommunications at the School of Journalism.

What are you most excited for this fall semester?

Isabella: I look forward to making good friends this semester! Since we were online all of last year, it was hard to connect with people. I am most excited to meet people in my classes and clubs so I can get more involved in the campus community.

Jorge: I’m most excited to get into a routine of classes and having fun with friends. The pandemic really made it difficult to take advantage of the opportunities given to me at my school.

What has the experience been like returning to campus after being online for the past year?

Isabella: Returning to campus in person has been a big shift. When classes were online, it was really hard to talk to my classmates and even pay attention in class, since it was all behind a screen while I sat in my room.

Jorge: It’s been great! In person classes have allowed me to get more out of my classes and make connections with the teachers.

What is your favorite part about campus life?

Isabella: I can get to know people and see my friends while walking to my next class, and it’s easy to go out to eat or hang out with each other because everyone is nearby.

Jorge: Definitely the atmosphere. It’s astonishing to see so many students on campus, especially with it being so empty last year due to the pandemic.

What are your back-to-school essentials?

Isabella: My main back-to-school essentials are a laptop and iPad to take notes and stay organized. I like using traveling backpacks for school because they come with a lot of pockets.

Jorge: A laptop to manage my classes, a binder to store papers, a pen and pencil to take notes, and a backpack to store them all in.

What is your go-to outfit for class to stay comfortable and look good?

Isabella: My go-to outfit consists of oversized sweatpants with a tank top. If it's cold, I'll just put on a hoodie or sweater on top. And I usually pair my outfit with a pair of sneakers or Doc Martens.

Jorge: I usually go with a white t-shirt and blue shorts during the hot days on campus, but I look forward to wearing a hoodie and sweats when it starts getting cold.

What is your number one back-to-school tip for fellow students?

Isabella: My number one back-to-school tip is to make a good agenda and keep it updated. Keeping an agenda will prevent you from falling behind and organizing your work in a manner that’s easy to handle.

Jorge: I find it very important to manage your classes while also being sure to take a mental health break. During some of the busiest times of the semester, it’s important to relax and do the things that you enjoy.

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