5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Sustainable Swimwear

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Life is full of choices. The choices you make can affect your day, someone else’s day and even the future of your surrounding environment. Now more than ever, many are thinking more about their everyday decisions and the resulting impact those decisions might have on the planet. While you’re probably familiar with the benefits of recycling, a low or zero waste lifestyle and other environmentally friendly steps you can take, you might not know that your clothing can have an impact on the earth as well. Le Club Original is on a mission to keep the globe clean by creating recyclable clothing made from both recycled and organic materials, and you can join us on the journey! Here are a few reasons why you should switch to sustainable swimwear. 

1. It Beats Fast Fashion: While the super-low price tags and widespread availability of fast fashion brands might seem irresistible, the truth behind most of these brands is less desirable. Underpaid and overworked employees make low- to average-quality pieces at lightning speed, which accounts for the attractive price point. The materials used to create fast fashion clothing are generally not eco-friendly and require the use of lots and lots of water, making a 2-for-$10 swim trunks deal simply not worth it in the end. 

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Instead, go for sustainable swimwear options that fit your price point. Le Club Original offers affordable styles made from recycled and organic materials that don’t skimp on quality or comfort. 

2. It’s a Manageable Step: Let’s be honest; reading about climate change, pollution and our overall negative impact on the earth can get a little (or entirely) disheartening at times. You might think your current personal efforts are just a drop in the bucket, but every amount of effort is important and truly helpful. Think about how much change you can make over time! To avoid overstressing, start by making one realistic switch. In addition to switching to sustainable swimwear, you might continue the pattern by switching to reusable grocery bags and a reusable water bottle instead of plastic bottles. Keep going!

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3. You Can Feel the Difference: The quality over quantity mindset reigns supreme in the world of sustainable fashion. At Le Club, we care about both sustainability and comfort, meaning you can expect super-comfortable, high-quality materials that perform to the max and won’t give up on you after a few washes. From our men’s linen shirts and rash guards to our signature swim trunks, your Le Club favorites take sustainability to a whole new level. 

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4. It’s a Family Thing: Not only does sustainable swimwear help protect the planet, it also provides a way for the younger ones to learn more and get involved. Le Club Original offers swim trunks for boys and men, making it easy to outfit the whole family in swimwear that represents great environmental values. It’s a conscious effort toward keeping the planet beautiful for their generation and more to come. 

5. You Can Wear It (Almost) Anywhere: For water-lovers and beachgoers alike, the board shorts vs. swim trunks debate remains heated. It ultimately comes down to the wearer’s style and material preference, but swim trunks certainly have a lot going for them. In fact, many consider our comfortable swim trunk styles to work perfectly as gym shorts, a comfy lounging option and even fun casualwear. One pair of shorts with that many uses? It doesn’t get much better than that. 

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