4 Types of Men’s Swimwear

When it comes to deciding on a men’s beach outfit, you have quite a few choices. Contrary to what you might think, a beach outfit can be so much more than just a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. At Le Club Original, we believe in expressing yourself through fashion and finding your own personal style, especially when it comes to swimwear. That’s why our collection of men’s swim trunks ranges from classic, solid color styles to bold, bright prints and designs. Here’s a look at a few different types of men’s swimwear to help you find your perfect style. 

1. Swim Trunks: Let’s start things off with a tried-and-true classic. Swim trunks are a men’s swimwear style that mimic the look of casual, everyday shorts. This style is known for being comfortable from the beach and the boat to the pool and beyond. Swim trunks offer different levels of coverage, depending on the length of the inseam, and include an inner lining for added support. 

Le Club swim trunks take normal trunks to the next level. With features like our signature elastic waistband, comfortable mesh lining, added drawstring and quick drying fabric, you’ll want to wear them everywhere. 

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2. Sustainable Swimwear: Though this type of swimwear might come in different styles, sustainable swimwear for men deserves its own category. Sustainable swimwear is a part of the sustainable fashion movement, a global effort toward reaching a higher level of ecological integrity and social justice. The movement favors less waste, recycled materials, fair trade and wages and an overall manufacturing process that does not deplete the earth’s natural resources. 

Did you know swimwear could do all of those things and look great at the same time? It’s no small feat, but by adding a pair of sustainable swim trunks to your closet, you’re also contributing to and supporting sustainability on a global level. 

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3. Board Shorts: Though they often get mixed up with swim trunks due to their appearance, board shorts are definitely their own unique type of swimwear. Board shorts were originally designed for surfers to offer a comfortable, relaxed fit and ample coverage. However, it’s perfectly common to see them worn by just about anyone. 

The easiest way to distinguish between board shorts and swim trunks is by looking at the waistband and fly area. Unlike swim trunks, board shorts feature a nonelastic waistband and a velcro fly to keep the garment in place during wear. This is another element that was originally designed to keep the shorts secure while surfing, but it also creates a different fit when compared with swim trunks. Pair your board shorts with your favorite t-shirt for a casual beach day or take your swimwear style to the next level by adding one of our high-quality men’s linen shirts!

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4. Fitted and Low Coverage Styles: Ready to bare it all? Don’t forget that the world of men’s swimwear offers unique styles that don’t look like regular shorts. Whether you choose a super short style of swim trunks, a stretchy square leg suit or even a tight pair of spandex swim briefs, there’s a style of men’s swimwear out there for every mood, activity and comfort level. 

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