3 Best Beach Shirts for Men

For men, creating a great beach outfit is really all about pairing the right tops and bottoms. Though this might sound simple, there are a lot of options out there! Once you have found the perfect pair of men’s swim shorts, the goal shifts to finding a few great beach shirts to go with it. Even though you probably won’t end up wearing your beach shirt the whole time you’re at the beach, it’s great to have a few stylish options to wear for any activities before or after you hit the sand. Ditch your old t-shirt as a coverup and go with one of these options instead! 

1. A Shirt with Sun Protection: Your initial layer of sun protection while you’re having fun on the beach should always be sunscreen. It blocks UV rays, prevents long-term skin damage and offers a ton of other benefits too! If you’re looking for a beach shirt that will act as a secondary layer of SPF, then go for a sporty rash guard to be worn with your swim trunks. Though rash guards were initially designed for surfers to wear during warm weather seasons, these comfortable tops (usually made from nylon and spandex) are perfect for an afternoon on the boat, a day at the pool or simply lounging on the beach. 

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2. A Cotton Polo: If you’re used to wearing a soft cotton t-shirt as a beach shirt, you can get a similar look and feel with a polo. By adding a bit of structure and a relaxed collar, you’re instantly taking yourself from “beach bum” to “stylish beachgoer.” Plus, a polo allows for more versatility within your beach outfit, meaning you can take it from the sand to the bar, a restaurant, out shopping or wherever you like. 

buttoning colorful linen shirt on beach

3. A Beach-Approved Linen Shirt: If you’re going for the ultimate beach look, then you should definitely rock a linen shirt with your swim trunks. Linen is simply superior when it comes to beachwear, and for good reason! Not only does linen look great with other beach clothes, it also repels sand, dries quickly and keeps you feeling comfortable all day long. Men’s linen shirts look especially great unbuttoned on the beach, untucked with jeans or with the sleeves rolled up for a more casual look. 

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If you’re deciding on linen vs. cotton shirts, it’s all about what you prefer and what you want your shirt to do. There are many different colors, styles and fits available in both linen and cotton shirts, so focusing on the perks of each fabric might help you narrow down your search. Cotton stretches well and is super soft, making it a great shirt for lounging on a beach chair. On the other hand, linen is perfect for hot days because it wicks away moisture and allows for maximum airflow during wear. 

man buttoning linen shirt

Once you find your favorite beach shirt style, getting dressed for a beach day will be a breeze. Don’t let the word “beach” stop you from wearing a beach outfit to other places! Le Club swim trunks are designed to be worn in the water, at the beach, lounging at home or even at the gym. Our men’s tops are super versatile as well. Wear one with a classic pair of swim shorts, your favorite jeans or tucked in with a belt and khakis for a nicer look. 

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