10 Best Gifts for Beach Lovers

10 Best Gifts for Beach Lovers

Let’s face it: Giving gifts is hard. While some are inherently skilled at choosing the right gift for every person and occasion — an underrated talent that definitely deserves more recognition than it gets — you probably struggle to find the perfect gifts from time to time … or every time. You’re not a bad friend, family member or partner, but rather might simply be in need of a little gift inspiration and guidance. 

While you could say there’s a certain science to gift giving, there’s really no one-size-fits-all formula or product that will be appropriate for every person. That’s the point of giving gifts anyway, right? You want to personalize your gift, no matter how big, small, cheap or expensive, to the desires and interests of the receiver while making a thoughtful selection with your own ideas. 

A great gift can build or reinforce any relationship and communicate your feelings or intentions with another person, whether it’s a new friendship you’re thankful for, a recognition of their birthday, a romantic gesture or even a small surprise to let someone know you’re thinking about them. 

First and foremost in the giving process comes consideration. Think about the person who will receive the gift and how they might actually use it in the future. If you’re gift-hunting for a beach lover, you’ve come to the right place. 

man in stylish swim trunks on beach

At Le Club Original, we celebrate the sun, sand and surf lifestyle. We love connecting with others who share our affinity for the outdoors too. From the best men’s swim trunks to shirts and rashguards, our beachy Miami roots are most notably depicted in the colors, designs and styles we offer. In addition to unique, quality beachwear, we have a few more go-to beach-lover gifts that are sure to be a hit every time. Dive into these 10 best gifts for beach lovers below. 

Buying for the Occasion

Keep in mind that a great gift is not only fitting for the person who will receive it, but also for the occasion itself. When looking for a beachy gift, it’s a good rule of thumb to match the price range of your gift to the dress code or the importance of the event. Smaller, more casual gifts are great for a friend’s housewarming party, low-key birthday parties or “just because” occasions. You’ll want to step it up a bit for nicer occasions like a wedding, graduation or anniversary. Luckily, it’s easy to find a gift for any kind of beach lover at a range of price points that fits their personality. 

This gift guide includes more than just things you might wear or take to the beach. Remember that beach lovers still love the beach when they’re at home or anywhere else! Your perfect beach-minded gift could also be an item or experience that makes them think of crashing waves and warm sunshine from anywhere. 

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Top 10 Beach-Lover-Approved Gifts

sustainable gift wear idea

1. Sustainable Beachwear

If you’re buying a gift for a beach lover, chances are they care about the cleanliness and upkeep required to keep their favorite places looking their best. One key practice in keeping the beaches and oceans clean is giving support and attention to brands that make sustainable products. Product sustainability is so important because it utilizes recycled and organic materials, allowing for more recyclability and a lot less waste in the long run. 

While a sustainably made gift is a fantastic option for anyone, your favorite beach lover is sure to appreciate a beach-themed gift that is also part of a global effort to take care of the earth. Sustainable swimwear combines both of these ideas in one fun item! Sustainably made swimwear styles are available in a range of styles and designs, making it easy to match their personal style. 

Le Club Original is proud to offer sustainable swimwear styles that have been crafted using polyester fibers made from recycled plastic bottles. This material is paired with organic cotton, which reduces water usage and waste during production, to create the perfect pair of stylish and eco-friendly swim trunks. When they’ve been worn and very well loved, you can toss your Le Club swim trunks right into the recycling bin and further the sustainability process. 

2. Beach Smells

Is there anything better than the smell of fresh, salty air? The only fragrances that might rival a traditional beachy scent are that of fresh coconut, tanning oil, exotic flowers and tropical fruits. Do your loved one a favor and give them the luxury of experiencing one of the most notable sensory wonders of the beach in their own home. Beach-themed fragrance gifts are thoughtful for just about anyone and come in many different forms. 

view of beach cliffs with floral foreground

Beachy candles are always a safe bet and are some of the easiest to find, as their fragrances tend to be widely loved and not too overpowering. For flameless options, you might consider other products like stylish diffuser reeds, which can make a room smell great and simultaneously act as a decorative piece. Beach-minded linen or room sprays make for a more luxurious gift idea as well! Beach scents are so versatile, and the receiver will think of you every time they use your gift. 

3. Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a great gift idea for your favorite beach-loving guy or girl. They make a thoughtful present for those who spend a lot of time out on the water or in the sun because the polarization blocks 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Polarized sunglasses are a common favorite among beach lovers and, when given, show the person your thoughtfulness, consideration and sincerity. 

These special shades are available from many different brands around the globe and are made in an impressive range of styles. When choosing a specific pair of polarized sunglasses to give as a gift, consider the receiver’s personal style. Which sunglasses have you seen them wear before? Do they stick to a particular frame style, shape or color? Choose a pair that reminds you of them and which will pair well with their favorite beach outfits!

statement trunks bold colors prints

4. Statement Trunks

Aside from being a place of incredible beauty, endless relaxation and overall good vibes, the beach is also a spot where people go to see and be seen. If you know a super-stylish beach lover who loves to plan a great beach outfit, look no further for their perfect gift. As a nod to both their impeccable style and their love for the beach, pick out a pair of bright colored swim trunks for their next birthday or holiday present. 

Le Club is all about expressing yourself through bold colors and fun prints, and that’s no different when it comes to our eclectic swim trunks. Our bright and bold swim trunk styles create the perfect gift for any bubbly beach lover. In addition to our Islander and Modernist collections, check out our limited edition line of eye-catching swim trunks created in collaboration with William Lane, whose architectural designs are seen throughout the Miami area and even on the beach at the lifeguard towers!

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5. Waterproof Speaker

While a frequent beachgoer might enjoy receiving … well … anything waterproof as a gift, an ocean-water-resistant Bluetooth speaker is a great way to make sure they have a good time with great music both on and off the beach. This is another option that can be totally customized to the style and preferences of the receiver. For instance, if you know they have a bright blue surfboard or beach chair they bring with them every time, consider a speaker in a similar or complementary color. 

It’s also important to think about how much weight you might be adding to their beach baggage. Instead of a large or heavy waterproof speaker, try searching for a lightweight and packable option they can take anywhere! This way, they’ll use it more and always keep it in their beach bag. 

beach friendly shirt

6. Coverup Shirt

Any seasoned beach lover knows the importance of having great clothing to pair with your swimwear as a coverup. Not only does this make going from the beach to a nearby bar, restaurant or shop a seamless experience, but it also allows beachwear and casualwear to mesh together. 

For the guys, this means simply adding a beach-friendly shirt and shoes to swim trunks — and there you have it: a versatile look that can take you from the pool deck or the sand to an afternoon of brunching, window shopping and beyond. This gift is sure to keep the compliments coming. 

Le Club Original has you covered on coverups. From comfy hooded rash guards that protect you from the sun to collared linen shirts in an array of different colors, you might just have to get one for yourself too. 

7. Turkish Beach Towel

Sand feels great between your toes, in your hands while making a sandcastle or as a natural exfoliant. It’s not so great when it’s in your car, your beach bag or stuck to your towel. The cause of most sand accumulation comes from the latter as a result of traditional terrycloth towels that attract sand like a magnet. Allow them to leave the sand on the beach and give the gift of a sand-repellant beach towel, also known as a Turkish Towel. These towels are a beach lover’s dream because they’re lightweight, compact and super-absorbent, and they can be shaken clean of sand in just a moment or two.

families wearing trunks having fun on beach

8. Family-Friendly Options

If you’re looking for a gift for Father’s Day or for a dad in general, you might think about getting him something he can enjoy with the little ones! Help him create new memories on the beach with his family by choosing an interactive gift like a game or activity everyone can enjoy. Show him your thoughtfulness by choosing an activity that’s interesting and appropriate for the age range of his children, such as matching boogie boards for dads with younger kids or fun classics like bocce for the entire family. 

Another great gift idea for beach-loving dads with young sons is a set of father-son matching swim trunks. These are sure to be worn on their next family beach trip, and you just might see them printed on their next Christmas card. Matching swim trunks are the perfect way to send a thoughtful, family-minded token of your love and appreciation. Le Club Original offers matching boys’ and men’s swim trunks in our most popular solid colors and fun prints!

9. Beach-Themed Travel Accessories

Chances are, the beach lover in question likes to travel and visit different beaches across the country or even around the globe. Get them excited for their next big beach trip and choose a gift they can pack in their suitcase or beach bag. 

If you know their favorite beach or beach vacation spot, look for a luggage tag from that place they can proudly fasten to their duffle or suitcase. A quality passport cover in a beachy print or color will have them thinking about stretching out on the sand before they even go through airport security. Beach-themed travel accessories like these are solid options for pleasing even the most discerning beach lovers. 

beach experience gift idea

10. A Beach Experience

Sometimes the best gifts are not items but, rather, experiences. An event or planned experience is the perfect gift for the beach lover who has everything. This is a sincere and meaningful option for a significant other or close friend or family member who is celebrating a very important occasion. Arranging for a beach trip, oceanside concert or another fun beach-centered event makes for a fun surprise and fun memories. If they’re more lowkey, a fully planned beach day, sunset walk followed by cocktails or afternoon oceanside picnic could be just the thing. Get creative and personalize the experience with their favorite things!


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