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Ragazzi Artica

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Cosa c'è di più bello che essere cool? I nostri pantaloncini Artica. Disponibile per uomini e ragazzi.

    Made from a 4-way stretch fabric composed of 92% recycled polyester and 8% spandex, the Quest swim shorts are lightweight, quick-drying, and durable, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and reducing waste. The added spandex allows for maximum comfort and mobility, ensuring your child can move freely and confidently in and out of the water, while playing and having fun.

    • Elastic waistband: Ensures a secure and comfortable fit for a range of body types.
    • Two inseam length options: Choose from 5.5" and 7" inseam lengths to suit your child's preferences.
    • 92% recycled polyester: Lightweight, eco-friendly material offers quick-drying performance and durability.
    • 8% spandex: Provides ultimate comfort, mobility, and flexibility for an enjoyable experience in and out of the water.
    • Mesh lining: Offers extra support and comfort during wear.
    • Pockets: Convenient side pockets allow your child to keep essentials close at hand.
    • Back eyelets: Enable easy drainage when swimming, preventing your child from feeling weighed down.
    • Size range: Offered in various sizes to accommodate different age groups.
    • Sustainable choice: By using recycled materials, the Harmony swim shorts for boys contribute to a more environmentally responsible future.

    Equip your child for a summer of fun and adventure with the Le Club Quest Swim Shorts for boys. By choosing these fashionable, high-quality trunks, you not only prioritize comfort and sustainability but also contribute to a vital cause in promoting emotional well-being and mental health. READ MORE

    Let your little one make a splash with the vibrant colors and dynamic design of the Quest Swim Shorts.

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