Swim for a Cause: Beach Cleanup with The Surfrider Foundation

The beach is simply an incredible place. It’s a part of the earth where the ocean meets the land and two different ecosystems collide. The beach is a sensory wonder in every sense of the word and leaves a special memory with everyone who encounters it. The beach means so much to so many. It’s obvious why we should want to keep it clean, safe and accessible to all. Our latest beach cleanup in collaboration with both William Lane and The Surfrider Foundation Miami Chapter was aimed at doing just that. 

A Sustainable Effort

At Le Club Original, we’re committed to playing our part in the global sustainability movement. The roots of Le Club are dug deep in Miami, a place that celebrates life, eccentricity and the beauty of both the coast and its beaches. We want to see the beach at its best, showcase it for visitors from near and far and keep it looking beautiful for generations to come.

Swim Sustainably: Shop Our Sustainable Swimwear

Our latest beach cleanup event in Miami was an educational and inspiring occasion. Le Club partnered with William Lane, an architectural firm whose works you might recognize around the Miami area, especially on the beach at the iconic colorful lifeguard towers. We also partnered with The Surfrider Foundation, whose Miami chapter focuses on beach accessibility, coastal preservation, ocean protection, clean water and more. It was a true honor to join forces with these wonderful and like-minded beach lovers to help keep our favorite place looking fantastic. 

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The February 2022 event was aimed at bringing the local community together, educating each other about sustainability and creating an environment for both discussion and future efforts. As beach goers, surfers and general beach lovers alike, we can use our love for the beach and all it offers as fuel to bring attention to the importance of beach maintenance and global change! 

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The Surfrider Promise

Even if you’re not located in or near Miami, you can still learn more and support global sustainability alongside The Surfrider Foundation. The organization includes many local chapters, so be sure to head over to their website and find the closest one to you. The Surfrider Foundation is committed to planning and executing events like our recent Miami beach cleanup. Their efforts along with our sustainable swimwear collection make a great pair for a fun and meaningful partnership. 

Looking to get involved with The Surfrider Foundation in other ways? You can always donate to the foundation regardless of your location or volunteer availability. These donations go straight to The Surfrider Foundation’s efforts toward keeping the beaches and oceans free of pollution, protecting marine ecosystems and promoting ocean-friendly restaurants. 

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Swim for a Cause

When you wear Le Club Original’s sustainable men’s swim trunks, you are making a choice that involves you in the global sustainability effort! Our sustainable swim trunks are made from recycled plastic bottles, which gives previously made plastic a longer life and reduces new production and waste. 

Our stylish swim trunks are also made with organic cotton. When produced and made into fabric, organic cotton saves a lot (like, a lot) of water during the process. We’re proud to be involved in sustainability, and we want you to get involved too. Shop sustainable and stay tuned for more Le Club beach cleanup events!

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