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setting sail into sustainability

Keeping the globe clean by creating fully recyclable clothing from recycled and organic materials.

our story

where it begins

Basking in the sun and enjoying all that our beautiful planet has to offer has always been a source of inspiration and a place of refuge for us at Le Club. When we discovered a way to combine our love for all things fashion with practices that help our planet continue to thrive and remain beautiful for future generations, we were all in.

we are

Committed to our planet

By utilizing new technology to create clothing from recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton, we are making strides to becoming 100% sustainable by 2023. Being able to protect our planet for years to come is essential for us, and we are excited to embark on this journey with our community

Our Mission statement

Keeping the globe clean by creating fully recyclable clothing from recycled and organic materials.

our collection

carefully crafted styles

Expect the same quality swim trunks you’ve come to know and love with Le Club. Above all, we remain committed to creating fun and unique styles that you can wear anytime and anywhere. Now, you can feel good knowing that with every purchase, you’re making a difference for our planet.


From trash to treasure

Did you know that over 380 million plastic bottles pollute the earth each year? Currently, around 100 million plastic bottles are being collected and recycled each year, many of which are being transformed into polyester fibers that are used to create our very own Le Club swim trunks! These eco-friendly swim trunks are also fully recyclable, meaning that after they’ve been worn and loved, they can be discarded into the recycle bin and get ready to be given new life through the recycling process.

Making a difference—organically

It is undeniable that traditional cotton production has major effects on our planet. Did you know that over 2,700 liters of water are needed for the production of a single cotton t-shirt? Utilizing organic cotton, on the other hand, is much more sustainable for our environment. Aside from reducing water waste, the production of organic cotton does not use harmful pesticides that have been found to be a contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Here at Le Club, we are making strides to transitioning to using fully organic cotton materials instead of traditional cotton fabrics. Join us on our journey to protecting our earth for future generations