Style Guide: 4 Best Patterned Swim Trunks

A great pair of solid color swim trunks is like a best friend. They’re loyal, steadfast and there for you whenever you need them. Unlike your best buddies, however, solid swim trunks sometimes lack that extra wow factor you need when you’re going for a great outfit. Enter patterned swim trunks, the cool new guy in town and the answer to your summer style prayers. Whether you’re in a style rut or just looking to try out something fresh and new, a pair of colorful swim trunks might be just the thing for you. Keep your tried and true swimwear in solid colors and consider adding these patterned styles to your collection!

1. Striped, Not Solid: Perhaps the most iconic of non-solid men’s swimwear options and a favorite among retro beachgoers, striped swimwear is a great place to start if you’re just dipping your toe into the world of patterned beachwear. Striped swim trunks are perfect for making a stylish statement on the beach or by the pool. They’re the pinnacle of summer style for preppy guys or those who favor a no-frills look. Striped swim trunks come in countless color schemes and style variations, so it’s all about finding which ones you like best. 

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2. Sea-Inspired Shorts: There’s no better way to get ready for summer beach time than by shopping for some printed men’s swim trunks in a beachy pattern. At Le Club Original, we’re inspired by the beautiful beaches of Miami and the tropical wildlife found there like colorful fish, dolphins, crustaceans and more. Our vibrant line of printed swim trunks depicts Miami’s incredible marine life and the lush plant life that surrounds it. 

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3. Artistic Choices: If art imitates life, then the artwork on your swim trunks should be full of colorful, beachy patterns that create good vibes and bring back your best summer memories. If you’re looking for a more unique approach to patterned swim trunks for men, look no further than the Le Club Original Wynwood Collection, a special line of swim trunks inspired by the passion and diversity of the Miami Arts District. The collection is full of bright, Miami-inspired patterns, dimensional graphics and a truly unique mix of nature, art and contemporary design. 

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4. Close to Home: Speaking of the lively spirit and unrivaled passion of Miami, you’ll find both of these depicted in our William Lane Collection. Le Club Original x William Lane swim trunks feature everything you know and love about Le Club swim trunks with the iconic designs, colors and shapes seen in some of William Lane’s most notable Miami architecture. The line features vibrant patterns that represent the quirky and colorful Miami beach lifeguard towers designed by Lane. Wear them to the beach or while you’re out exploring the city! 

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Overall, you can never go wrong with a pair of patterned swim trunks, especially when they’re from Le Club. Get your pattern fix and a quality pair of swim trunks all in one with our diverse collection of men’s swimwear!

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