Beach Art: Why You’ll Love Our Wynwood Swim Collection

Miami is full of energy, color and personality. These elements, along with the beaches and other natural wonders of south Florida, come together to create a unique culture that inspires creatives who are local to Miami and those who live in different corners of the globe. Miami-inspired fashion, adventurous food and various forms of art make up much of what is known as Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. Here at Le Club Original, we’re always inspired by Miami life. That’s why we created a swimwear collection that pays homage to the Wynwood area as well as the artistic passion it represents. Here’s more on Miami’s famed Arts District, as well as a detailed look at the Wynwood Swim Collection itself!

The Passion of Wynwood

It’s one thing to see art and appreciate it, but it’s completely different when it makes you feel a certain way. The art found within the Wynwood area does just that. From brick and mortar studios to street style that turns heads and a collection of incredible outdoor murals, there is art to be seen and felt everywhere you turn. The feeling this art invokes is bright, exciting and unique in a way that is true to Miami’s passion and creativity. If you’ve never seen it in person before, then be sure to put it at the top of your list for your next Miami visit!

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Beachwear as Art: The Wynwood Swim Collection

Simply put, our new Wynwood-inspired men’s swim trunks line is full of passion and excitement just like the Miami Arts District itself. Our inspiration stems from the visual stimulation, vibrant colors and movement found in the art itself, but also from the overall atmosphere of the area. The Le Club Original Wynwood Collection favors excitement and grandeur, both portrayed through the use of bright colors, graphic designs and larger-than-life prints. Wear them on the boat, to the beach or as loungewear if you feel like wearing swim trunks as shorts!

man in Wynwood Swim

Though the collection features striking designs and lots of color, there is still something for everyone. These particular styles range from cool, fresh color palettes to bright and bold schemes that are sure to stand out in any crowd. Plus, they’re made to be paired with our line of men’s beach shirts, so finding an outfit for your next beach day or pool party just got a whole lot easier. 

The Wynwood Swim Collection is perfect for both the outgoing beach lover and the traditional trunk wearer as well. Whether they become a swimwear staple or a statement pair you save for special occasions, we hope you love and enjoy this collection as much as we do. 

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couple in Wynwood Swim

Style & Sustainability

We’re proud to say that each pair of swim trunks in our Le Club Wynwood Collection is made from 100% sustainable polyester! The line is just as much a celebration of the sustainable fashion movement as it is a love letter to the Miami arts scene. Just in case you’re wondering, this special collection doesn’t stray from our standards or values. You can count on the styles in this sustainable swimwear collection to perform and pass with flying colors, no matter how many days you spend on the beach or in the water. 

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