4 Ways to Tie Swim Trunks

There are a few personal mistakes that can easily be avoided when you’re at the beach. Most importantly, you can prevent a stinging hot sunburn by applying ample SPF in all the right places and avoid things like skin damage and looking like you fell asleep in the sun (even if you did). You can also bypass an uncomfortable, overly sandy beach day by bringing along the right accessories like a foldable beach chair, sand resistant towel and a waterproof bag to keep your phone and wallet dry. To avoid any issues with your swimwear, it’s important to know how to tie your trunks and ensure they feel secure while you’re wearing them. Here are a few different ways to tie swim trunks. 

1. The Classic: If you’re a no-nonsense guy who likes to wear quality men’s swim trunks both on and off the beach, a quick and classic bow might be the best option for you. Tie your shorts just as you would your shoelaces, making sure to get a secure fit without pulling the strings too tight. If your swim trunks fit well without the strings, you should be okay with a single knot. Go for a double if you need a little extra support around the waistline. 

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2. The Invisible Tie: Sometimes the strings on your swim trunks can get in your way, especially if you’re wearing them while surfing, wakeboarding or even putting in some time at the gym. For these high-impact activities and other times when you want a clean, polished look, tie your swim trunks in a way that hides extra material and loose ends. Tie the strings in a wide bow or a simple knot and tuck the loops and ends securely into the string hole. This will hide the loose strings and keep everything in place. 

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3. The Flat Tie: Some swim trunks have a velcro overlay that comes together on top of the strings, similar to how board shorts are made. If you have a pair of these swim trunks, consider using the flat tying technique to avoid bumps or bulges beneath the extra layer of fabric. Just tie the initial knot horizontally instead of vertically so the knot flattens out a bit. From there, tuck in the ends of the strings and fasten the velcro. A flattened knot is great for wearing swim trunks as shorts with a longer, untucked shirt. 

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4. The Loop Tie: Though there are a few different ways to secure a loop knot, this version is great for swim trunks because it’s quick and easy and stays tied no matter how long you swim, run or play. Start by gathering both strings in your hands and fold one of them into a long, skinny loop. Curl the other string into a shape that has two holes and resembles a figure eight or a sideways “&” shape, allowing the rest of the string to fall freely.

Pull the single loop through the nearest double loop hole and then weave the single loop over the top of the other side of the double loop. Pull tightly, and then you won’t have to worry about tightening any loose strings later.

Use these ideas interchangeably or pair certain ties with different outfits. Go for a classic tie before going for a swim, try a flat knot when pairing swim trunks with one of your favorite men’s linen shirts and keep those swim trunks secure!

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