Le Club Original x William Lane

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Bringing true expression and culture through our Miami roots.

About the collection

For anyone who has visited the beautiful shores of Miami Beach and South Beach, you’ve seen the vivid and iconic lifeguard towers. With their vibrant color schemes and incomparable shapes, they’re impossible to miss. These towers have become a staple of identity and culture on Miami Beach.

Local south Florida architect William Lane first designed the iconic lifeguard towers in 1995 to replace the towers that were destroyed by Hurricane Andrew. And now 20 years later, the city of Miami has requested Lane to recreate his original construction as well as create a few new designs. Over 30 lifeguard towers will be replaced by one of Lane’s beautiful architectural creations. Lane is able to merge both art and architecture into his work.

About William lane

Lane is an award-winning architect who has encapsulated the culture, art, and history of Miami in his eye-catching designs. Le Club is proud to announce that we are partnering with the renowned and Miami local architect to create sustainable swim trunks with designs inspired by Lane’s captivating lifeguard towers.

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Le Club Original x William Lane

At Le Club, we are passionate about sustainability and that passion is shared with Lane. We have joined forces with the Surfrider Foundation Miami Chapter to host several beach clean-ups to keep our beaches pristine this coming Spring 2022 to keep our shores beautiful. Follow us on Instagram to be the first to know when we announce the Spring dates!