Combine Comfort and Style at The Beach This Spring

It’s springtime once again. That means gardening, mowing, outdoor adventures and misadventures alike, and swim time. It’s pretty easy to pick something comfortable and stylish for dry land endeavors, but all too often, swim and beach attire are ignored or worse; abused. Why is this?

Here at Le Club Original, we believe in putting a stop to the abuse of swimwear and beach attire. We aim to dispel confusion on what looks good in the men’s swimwear and fashion department, and we’ve uncovered the secret to fashionable success while poolside and on the beach.

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort and utility for style, though. Check out this definitive guide along with timely suggestions on what to wear for comfort and style at the beach this spring.

Unlike women’s swimwear, men’s swimwear has remained largely unchanged for decades, at least on the surface. Perhaps this is why it is considered an afterthought and given such unnecessary short shrift as a style priority.

Men’s swimwear comes in only a handful of options

  • Swim briefs, commonly referred to as Speedos
  • Square leg swimsuits
  • Swim jammers, marketed as the ideal, competitive swimwear choice
  • Board shorts
  • Swim trunks

Swim briefs, even if you have a great set of legs and a toned figure, are not the most fashionable or stylish choice. Don’t even take our word for it. Check out these responses about swim briefs from women in this recent GQ survey on men’s swimwear:

“Leave something to the imagination.”

“Not flattering on the average person.”

“Unless you are in the Olympics, no!”

That last one was quite emphatic. Moving on.

Square leg swimsuits are the next revealing option. And again, if that survey is at all reliable, they are not considered the most fashionable choice, either. 

For a relaxing day at the beach, you’ll want to be comfortable, too, and revealing swimwear really doesn’t lend itself to comfort. And you certainly can’t take the liberty of running into an establishment for a quick bite if all you are wearing is a tiny Speedo. 

Swim jammers are perhaps more comfortable than swim briefs or square leg swimsuits, but again, they are not the best choice for a day at the beach. They are designed and marketed as competitive sportswear. 

Board shorts are another popular option, but aren’t comfortable, flattering, or modern and stylish. Board shorts are made of a heavy, unlined material and were originally designed for surfers. They were most popular in the mid-2000s, over a decade ago.

But swim trunks are flattering and comfortable and modern. The elastic band and drawstring waist are great for swimming, lounging, and playing beach games such as volleyball or frisbee.

The cut is also perfect to pair with a nice shirt and shoes for going inside stores and restaurants and back out to the beach again without the hassle of changing clothes.

This pair from Le Club Original is refined and classy with a tailored fit, and it comes in a cool, modern print:

Le Club Original offers a whole host of modern, stylish, and comfortable swim trunks for the 2018 spring season. Never wonder about what to wear to the beach again with Le Club Original swim trunks. Check out our spring line-up today and head to the beach in style.

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