What to Wear to a Pool Party: Men’s Outfit Ideas

The activities that fill your schedule this season are bound to include fun summer events and happenings like outdoor concerts, beach days, golfing and maybe even a getaway to some new city or country. These occasions, for the most part, have their own outfits associated with them. 

When it comes to hybrid events like summer pool parties that include water activities and a “going out” atmosphere, it can be difficult to decide which pieces in your closet might work best. At Le Club Original, we love a versatile men’s outfit that can take you from the water to an outdoor table for two and beyond, so we’ve got you covered. Here’s what to wear to pool parties this summer. 

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Work Your Summer Wardrobe

If you don’t know what to wear to a pool party, don’t sweat it! We’ve all been there before, and it’s a common source of confusion. After all, it’s easy to be torn between wearing something that resembles a beach outfit for men and a regular daytime or nighttime outfit, depending on the time of the party itself. Thankfully, finding a great pool party outfit probably does not mean you need to buy a bunch of new clothes. Instead, take a look in your summer wardrobe and start with a few of these standard pieces:

  • Stylish Swim Trunks: A quality pair of men’s swim trunks should always be a staple in your summer wardrobe. They’re great for taking a dip in the pool, your first summer swim in the ocean, a boat day and any other water activities you enjoy. Le Club swim trunks are made to take you there and even further, whether it’s the golf course, the gym, a casual lunch date or just lounging around the house. You’ll want to keep a pair of stylish swim trunks handy for pool parties this summer to keep you dry and comfortable in the heat and ready for an impromptu cannonball contest! 

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  • Versatile Shirts: When it comes to a pool party, your shirt choice should reflect the formalness of the event. If it’s a super-casual daytime pool party with close friends, you might consider a nice white t-shirt paired with some colorful swim trunks. If the pool party is a more formal occasion with catered food, a DJ, invitations and a 3-piece band, you’ll want to step it up. Linen shirts for men work great for nicer pool parties because they look crisp, clean and put together while remaining appropriate for the poolside atmosphere. A white or navy linen shirt is a good place to start if you don’t already have one! 
man in swim shorts
  • Statement Pieces: No matter the time of day, a pool party is the perfect opportunity for you to make a statement with your outfit. These parties are meant to be a fun occasion for all and a celebration of warm summer weather, so there’s no better place for statement outfits like an all white ensemble, neon accents, funky sunglasses and more. Most importantly, have fun with your pool party outfits and wear something that makes you feel excited to meet new friends, catch up with old pals and maybe even make a splash. 

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