Ways To Get Involved On World Oceans Day

The ocean is a crucial part of sustaining life on Earth. Alone, the ocean eliminates about 33% of the world’s total carbon emissions. The time for change is now as plastic pollution, ocean acidification, and over-fishing place a tremendous burden on the well-being of the ocean. With the celebration of World Oceans Day on June 8th, we want to highlight 4 ways you can get involved and make a difference this summer.

World Oceans Day: 4 Ways You Can Help

Join Or Plan A Beach Cleanup

Whether you join with fellow nature lovers or head out by yourself, planning a beach cleanup is one of the best ways you can directly help the state of the ocean. Cleaning the beach shore for just an hour can help eliminate the amount of plastic waste in the water and set a good example for others to join in an effort to conserve the oceans. For those who don’t live near the ocean, spreading awareness online or joining a beach cleanup on your next vacation are two ways to help the cause.

Donate To Ocean Conservation Organizations

Despite the fact that many people can’t visit the ocean to pick up trash, anyone can help conserve our oceans by donating to reputable marine conservation organizations. These organizations use donations to fund marine research and find ways to conserve the ocean and eliminate pollution. Some trusted organizations you can donate to include:

  • Project AWARE
  • Coral Reef Alliance
  • Ocean Conservancy

Use Reef Safe Sunscreen

Many traditional sunscreens have harmful chemicals that can affect most coral species. It’s important to keep in mind that all of Earth’s waterways are connected in some way, so even if you don’t live near the ocean, you should still use reef safe sunscreen. To ensure your sunscreen is reef safe, check for Oxybenzone. Sunscreens with this ingredient are not reef safe and should be avoided.

Learn Ways To Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle

In order to put an end to plastic pollution in our oceans, we must come together and learn ways to reuse, reduce, and recycle. For starters, say goodbye to plastic water bottles, soft drinks, and styrofoam. All of these contain plastic particles that enter the ocean and stay there for years, contributing to millions of marine life fatalities annually. By reducing our use of single-use plastic containers, we can help sustain the ocean and its beautiful marine life for generations to come.

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