Sustainable Fashion Trends For 2021

Over the last few years, consumers have noticed that the clothes they purchase can have serious ecological and social impacts. As a response, the fashion industry has been moving toward sustainable fashion in order to tackle these issues. As the fashion world keeps evolving, the conscious consumer should take note of sustainable fashion trends for 2021.

Ethical & Eco-Friendly Fashion Trends

Sustainable fashion is a movement aimed at bringing awareness and creating change in the way fashion products are manufactured, distributed and used. It heavily takes into account environmental, socio-economic and social justice factors. As a consumer, there are many ways you can shop ethically and stay fashionable with these sustainable clothing trends.

Recycled Plastic Waste

The production of materials such as polyester, nylon and spandex often require high energy consumption and produce large carbon emissions, hazardous chemicals and plastic waste. Much of this plastic waste ends up in the ocean every year, affecting many beautiful beaches and coastlines like those found in Miami. As a way to combat these environmental footprints, many fashion brands have begun manufacturing high-quality, comfortable and sustainable apparel from recycled plastic. By purchasing apparel made from recycled plastic, consumers help fund these cleanup operations and invest in the future of the ocean and the planet as a whole.

Second-Hand Clothing

Fast fashion has led to the production of low quality clothes that don’t last long, are sold cheap and ultimately become disposable. Wearing hand-me-downs or shopping at thrift stores can help combat this excess waste of clothes by reducing demand as well as ensuring that less clothes end up in landfills. Hand-me-downs and thrift stores can also save you money and provide you with unique pieces that no one else is wearing.

Rental Clothing

Rental clothing is a good alternative to buying second-hand clothing, especially for events where you might only wear the outfit once in your life. Renting clothes can also keep your wardrobe fresh as you can constantly rotate your selection of clothes without actually throwing them away. This saves you money and helps protect the environment.

Organic Cotton

Purchasing clothes made out of organic cotton is a good choice for conscious consumers. Organic cotton is non-GMO, it’s grown without the use of hazardous chemicals, and it largely uses rainfall as a water supply. At Le Club, we have taken note of the importance of working with organic cotton and are working diligently toward implementing organic cotton into all of our swimwear.

Sustainable Swimwear For Men

At Le Club, we believe in creating fashionable swimwear as well as caring for the environment. After all, we are Miami-based and find it of the utmost importance to protect our beautiful marine and freshwater ecosystems that Florida is known for. We want to do everything in our power to be part of this important change and have been implementing significant changes in our production process to further help protect the environment. We’re doing this because we understand that looking after the environment is the responsibility of each and every one of us. Every step toward progress, no matter how small, is a step toward securing the health of our planet and ensuring a future where everyone can continue to enjoy the beauty of nature. We are proud to announce that we have a new line of sustainable swim trunks for men coming soon in Spring 2021.

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