How To Find Your Right Swim Trunk Length

While it might be easy to group together all types of swimwear for men and only notice design and color as a distinguishing factor, the fact of the matter is that swim trunks come in different lengths. The length of a swim trunk can make a significant difference in the comfort of the swim garment and how it complements your body type.

The Three Swim Trunk Lengths

Swim trunks come in three different lengths: short, medium and long. The general rule is that the trunks should fit between three inches above the knee to mid-thigh. This will provide the most comfortable and flattering fit for the majority of men.

For Shorter Men

Shorter men should opt for shorter inseam trunks, between 4” to 5”. This will help give you the appearance of longer legs which will better complement your proportions while wearing swimwear. Men with more toned legs might also choose to wear shorter inseam shorts in order to better display their athletic physique.

For Average Men

Most men will want to choose medium length trunks. Medium length trunks range between about 5.5” to 6.5”. These are often the most flattering for average height men as they sit right around the mid-thigh. They also work for a variety of activities and situations as they can be used for casual wear, provide enough mobility, and complement just about any body type.

For Taller Men

Taller men will want to lean towards long length trunks with inseams of 7” or more. Very short trunks on a tall man with long legs can often look disproportionate. However, it is important to choose an inseam length that will not go past the knee as it can also throw off your proportions.

Swim Trunks For The Modern Man

Swim trunks should follow the shape of your body and help complement it, not hide or warp it. At Le Club, we understand the importance of having comfortable swimwear that fits properly, makes you feel confident, and enhances your beach or pool experience. View our styles today to find the right fit for you.

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