The Ultimate Guide to Our Best-Selling Swim Trunks

With Le Club swim trunks, you can enjoy the sun while helping save the planet. We’ve been making strides to create sustainable options for swimwear. Some of our best-selling swim trunks are made from recycled water bottles. Now you can look good while feeling good about the planet.  Our Top 5 Swim Trunks Our swim […]

How To Care For Your Le Club Swim Trunks

We’re currently nearing the end of the summer which means that our swim trunks have seen better days. Most people don’t know that taking care of swim trunks is more than just throwing them in the wash every other week. Saltwater, swimming pools, sunshine and a sandy beach sound like the perfect summer afternoon, but […]

Back To School: Styling Your Kid For The First Day

After more than a year of virtual learning, schools are all set to open. While adjusting to the new routine can take some time, styling your kid for school can help him get excited for his first physical class after a long time. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while styling your […]

Ways To Get Involved On World Oceans Day

The ocean is a crucial part of sustaining life on Earth. Alone, the ocean eliminates about 33% of the world’s total carbon emissions. The time for change is now as plastic pollution, ocean acidification, and over-fishing place a tremendous burden on the well-being of the ocean. With the celebration of World Oceans Day on June […]

Sustainable Fashion Trends For 2021

Over the last few years, consumers have noticed that the clothes they purchase can have serious ecological and social impacts. As a response, the fashion industry has been moving toward sustainable fashion in order to tackle these issues. As the fashion world keeps evolving, the conscious consumer should take note of sustainable fashion trends for […]

The Le Club Guide to a Perfect Weekend Staycation

For over a year now, millions of Americans have had to cancel their vacations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With stay-at-home orders and travel regulations still in place in many parts of the country, it can seem incredibly difficult to take a few days to escape. This has become an increasing issue with many people […]

Le Club Introduces New Sustainable Collection on Earth Day

At Le Club, we are always looking for ways to positively impact the environment. We are excited to announce the launch of our new Sustainable Collection this Earth Day (April 22nd). The swimwear in this collection is made from 100% recycled plastic materials. This effort will help promote the use and production of sustainable clothing […]

Swim Trunk Outfits You Can Wear Anywhere

The name “swim trunk” is deceiving because although their main function is for water activities, the truth is that swim trunks have evolved to be used in just about every setting. Unlike swimwear of old, modern swim trunks for men and children keep fashion, comfort, and practicality in mind. Here are just some examples of […]

How To Find Your Right Swim Trunk Length

While it might be easy to group together all types of swimwear for men and only notice design and color as a distinguishing factor, the fact of the matter is that swim trunks come in different lengths. The length of a swim trunk can make a significant difference in the comfort of the swim garment […]

Le Club Islander Collection: Luxury Swimwear Designed in Miami

Our new collection is here and we’re taking it back to our roots. Inspired by the tropical spirit of our hometown, the Islander collection was made to deliver high quality, relaxed, and comfortable fit, indicative of Miami culture. Continuing with our mission of crafting the perfect comfy and cool pieces, attention to detail was key […]