From the Beach to the Cabana – Look Your Best This Summer Season

You take care to choose comfortable, stylish, and modern-looking attire. Appearance, while not everything in life, is still important. So, why do so many people ignore style and comfort when it comes to swimwear? 

You see it all the time. Perhaps it’s your best friend, or even your dear old dad—looks good on dry land with well-fitted, contemporary clothes. But then, once the grass turns to sand, egads!

This usually stylish, normal-looking person turns into an outdated, ill-fitted version of themselves. What are those, board shorts from the height of the Bush administration? And is that a moth that just flew out of the pocket? How terrible. 

But perhaps it is worse and it’s you who turns into a total frump at the beach.

Don’t let this happen to you this spring and summer. Life is too short to spend it in uncomfortable, passé swimwear. Do yourself (and everyone else) a favor and make beachwear a priority just like your everyday clothing and look your best this summer season.

Here at Le Club Original, we believe that swimwear is as much of a priority to looking good and feeling good as everyday attire. With our stylish selection of comfortable swim trunks, you’ll never worry about looking the antiquarian fool at the beach again. Avoid judgement, awkward stares, and probing, uncomfortable fashion and lifestyle questions with our new, 2018 lineup of modern swimming attire.


Whether you’re headed to the beach from the cabana, lounging poolside with a mojito, or playing a rigorous game of volleyball with the family, you can do so in style with a nicely fitted, stylishly-patterned pair of trunks.


Check out this new pair of swim trunks from Le Club Original, the Snow:

This unique, but contemporary pattern will take your swimming attire out of the stone age and into the modern era.


Quick-dry material keeps wrinkles at bay, and when you need to go from the beach to the restaurant for a quick bite, these trunks will pair nicely with a lightweight shirt and comfortable shoes. You’ll look like a normal person instead of a beach bum going from the outdoors to the indoors without the hassle of changing into street clothes. And you’ll look good and be comfortable while doing it.


If you’re a fan of statement prints, the new Beta swim trunks will be sure to stand out from the crowd, in a good way, that is.

For a more subdued, but still tropical and unique look, you could opt for the Tesoro.

All Le Club Original swim trunks come with a comfortable, inner mesh lining. This is quite an upgrade from the heavier, unlined material of old-school board shorts.

Our swim trunks also come with pockets, so you never have to worry about losing your shades. The pockets also make any beachcombing endeavors with the family easier and more enjoyable.

The elastic waistbands of our trunks also come with an added drawstring for extra comfort and to ensure a good fit. Contrast stitching also make our swim trunks durable and long-lasting.


Don’t be a frump at the beach, and never suffer through a day in the sun and sand that is supposed to be enjoyable in uncomfortable, heavy board shorts. Check out our new line of stylish and comfortable swim trunks today at Le Club Original and look your best this summer.

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