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Like Father Like Son: Why We Love Matching Swim Trunks

by Savage Global |

If you like matching your outfit with your kid, then you are not alone. And, we’re not talking just about Christmas or Halloween outfits. More and more parents – yes, dads as well – are jumping on this bandwagon and match everything from their casual t-shirts to their swim trunks.

Here at Le Club Original, we are all about this trend. After all, what’s not to love about matching swim trunks? If you don’t know how to answer this question just yet, let us give you a few reasons why father-son matching swim trunks are so popular.

A Great Way to Bond with Your Son

Parents spend most of their time trying to mold their kids into the type of adults they want them to be. They encourage them to be more organized, work harder, study more, and be kind and generous with other people. But, sometimes, the best way to educate our kids is to put ourselves in their shoes and try to relate to their needs and desires.

There are many ways you can build a strong and durable bond with your son. You could find an activity that you love doing together, such as building model spaceships, playing chess or surfing. However, there is one trick that doesn’t require too much effort, but the effects are almost instant: wearing matching clothes, such as the same leather jacket or swim trunks with similar patterns.

Of course, you must first ensure that your son is comfortable with wearing boys swim trunks that are similar to yours and that you’re not taking this habit to the extreme. Matching your clothes from time to time is an excellent way to bond with your son and have some fun together. But, you should also encourage them to use their imagination and create their unique style.


Matching Swim Trunks Are Adorable

We’re not going to get into the psychology of why parents love matching their outfits with their kids. Experts claim that we choose an apparel item over another based on our mood and self-esteem levels. But, when it comes to matching outfits with our kids, it may just be that we are trying to create a small version of ourselves.

Of course, every parent wants their child to have a unique identity. But, if we were, to be honest with ourselves, the truth is that the idea of creating an improved mini-version of ourselves is certainly appealing. Just think about how adorable men’s swim trunks would look in a petite version. Or how fun it would be to watch your husband and son in matching swim trunks, enjoying a fun day at the beach.

It Can Be Extremely Fun

Let’s be honest: most kids hate shopping. They dread walking from store to store and trying on what it seems to be an infinite number of options. You can turn this process into a fun activity by opting for matching swim trunks, for example. As such, shopping will turn into a quest where they have to find father-son matching swim trunks that both of you love. 

Not to mention, your kid will probably be extremely excited to showcase his new swim trunk and show everyone that he is just as cool and stylish as his father.

If you love the idea of matching your swim trunks with your child, then head on to Le Club Original  and browse through our collection of men’s swim trunks and boys swim trunks. Our swimwear features fun patterns that both of you are sure to love. And, as far as quality goes, we challenge you to find something better on the market!