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Swim in Style This Spring – How to Look Your Best at the Beach

by Savage Global |

You didn’t work hard all winter only to risk showing up to the beach this spring in an ill-fitting suit with a garish and outdated pattern, did you? No, because you’re a modern man who prioritizes comfort, utility, and looking like a put-together adult whether on the beach or off. 

At Le Club Original, we like attitude and style. We have an entire new line of swim essentials for relaxing days at the beach this year that you’ll be sure to love. Swim in style this spring and look your best at the beach with a new pair of stylish Le Club Original designer swim trunks in 2018.

Swim trunks offer some of the most flattering fits in men’s swim and beachwear. Our Le Club Original men’s swim trunks give an impeccable fit for all body types. They are comfortable and versatile. Wear them on the beach, at the pool, in the water, and even indoors. The patterns, length, and quality material can make a stylish and casual choice when paired with a light-weight, summer shirt and a snazzy pair of espadrilles. Like with this pair.

An exclusive design to Le Club Original, Ink is a refined, modern-looking pattern that will look great against the backdrop of sand, sun, and surf.

Not only are Le Club Original swim trunks the best option for looking your best at the beach this year, they are also durable and made of the finest quality materials. Resistant to saltwater and chlorine staining and discoloration, our swim trunks are long-lasting. A pattern such as the I Fly gives a timeless and classic look:

The contrasting silver drawstring with the china-blue butterfly pattern is refined, chic, and upscale.

Made of peach-skin fabric, Le Club Original swim trunks are lightweight and incredibly comfortable with a super-soft feel. The inner mesh lining and elastic waistband complete with roped drawstring add even more comfort to the fit.

Summer should be fun and relaxing, and spending it in bulky and unlined board shorts is not a pleasant way to spend time at the beach. In our soft and lined swim trunks, you’ll never have to worry about spending a day at the beach in discomfort again.

If you prefer a splashier print, you’ll love our Tropical pattern swim trunks. With a colorful and classic design, these will be a hit at any poolside gathering or beach party.

Spending a day at the beach or pool with your family makes the wait during the long and dreary winters worth it. At Le Club Original, we believe in spending quality time with the kids. We’ve designed an awesome line of matching, father-son swim trunks.

You and your son will not only be comfortable and stylish, but you’ll turn heads and build enjoyable, positive memories while wearing matching trunks for a fun day at the beach. Most department store and big-box swim trunks for kids are uncomfortable, but ours are some of the best on the market. The soft, high-quality material and cut of Le Club Original swim trunks prevent abrasion and discomfort while you and your son run around on the beach and have a blast in the sun and surf. 

Build memories this summer and look your best in Le Club Original swim trunks. Check out our line today and swim in style for 2018.