Our Next Step into Sustainability: Planting 1 Tree for Every Order!

two men swinging from tree in le club original swim trunks


As the next step in our sustainability journey, Le Club has partnered with Ecodrive to go climate positive on every order’s shipping emissions by planting 1 tree with every purchase! Trees have a natural ability to capture and store carbon dioxide, making them important assets in the fight against climate change. This initiative, along with our sustainable swimwear collection and the other sustainable changes we’ve made, will help us reach our goal of being 100% sustainable by 2023. We look forward to doing our part to make our planet healthier and the future brighter! 

Our new partner, Ecodrive, plants mangrove trees on protected land in Madagascar. Mangroves can capture and store more carbon than almost any other tree on the planet. Each tree can sequester about 680 pounds of carbon in its lifetime. 

Mangroves also create habitats for hundreds of animal species, including those that are endangered or only exist in Madagascar. They also protect shorelines from erosion and storm surges, keeping ecosystems and the people who live there safe. As mangroves take in water they filter out pollutants before releasing water vapor back into the air. When you place an order for any of our products, including our men's swim trunks and beachwear, you will receive the same high-quality products you’ve come to expect, but with the added bonus of having a tree with amazing ecological benefits planted for you! 

In addition to this initiative's environmental benefits, it also alleviates poverty in the nearby community by employing local villagers to plant and manage the trees. For every 100 trees planted, one full workday is created for a villager in need. We love that with the help of our customers we can create employment for people who need it while healing the earth in the process. 

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To reach our goal for 2023, we started by examining our materials to see how they can be more sustainable. We are utilizing new technology to make polyester fibers from recycled plastic water bottles. These fibers are used to create our swim trunks, which can be recycled after they’ve been well-loved. We’re also working on making the transition to using 100% organic cotton. Planting trees with Ecodrive will add another layer of sustainability to our brand and support our long-term goals. We truly believe in doing our part to operate as sustainably as possible for the benefit of people and the planet. 

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We look forward to discovering the positive impact we can make by planting trees with the help of our wonderful customers and our new friends at Ecodrive!

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