Giving Back to Puerto Rico

The beautiful island of Puerto Rico has always been close to our hearts. The news of recent earthquakes has been devastating to say the least. With the country still recovering from Hurricane Maria in 2017, it has been heartbreaking for us to see the island be affected by this catastrophic event. To help support relief efforts and contribute to the Puerto Rican community, we will be donating 50% of all proceeds this week to a charity helping those in need. As we continue to grow and expand, our mission remains --- giving back and supporting causes that are dear to us. We invite you to follow our journey and join us in our mission. Shop some of our top picks and show your support in these Puerto Rico inspired shorts.Looking for more ways to help? We’ve rounded up some steps you can take to get involved with relief efforts. 1) Provide Meals To Those In Need Many on the island have lost their homes and are in need of assistance with basic needs such as feeding their families. You can help by donating here or by volunteering through an on-site support team here. 2) Donate & Support Relief Efforts No donation is too small to make real change. One of the best ways to support those in need is through one-time or ongoing donations. There are many organizations that are giving back to the community through your donations. Click here to start giving. 3) Support Medical Needs Many medical professionals have volunteered their time to help those in need on the island. Click here to support medical assistance on the island. For every dollar donated, you’ll be providing $20 of aid!

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