Au Naturale Clothing Guide: All About Our Everglades Sustainable Swim Collection

The natural wonders of south Florida are as diverse as they are beautiful. From breathtaking beaches on both the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico sides of the state to the subtropical plants and foliage that make the area so unique, there’s certainly no shortage of places to take in the wonderful scenery. Though the beaches and islands of south Florida continue to welcome many visitors each year, there is nothing quite like the Everglades National Park. We think it’s pretty amazing as well. So amazing, in fact, that we created an entire line of men’s swim trunks inspired by the natural beauty of the Everglades and the wildlife that thrives there. Here’s a closer look at the collection and tips on how to style your favorite pieces. 

Everglades: A Natural Wonder

The Le Club Original Everglades Sustainable Swim Collection celebrates the beauty and spirit of the Everglades National Park. With an area that spans almost 8,000 square miles, there’s plenty of both to go around. The Everglades is made up of swamp-like wetlands and is home to a host of plants and animals, including both rare and endangered species. From the animal and plant life to the water and beyond, there’s enough natural beauty within the Everglades to inspire just about anyone. 

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The Le Club Original Everglades Collection

The Everglades Collection is a reflection of Le Club Original style, as well as the natural beauty that can be found within the Everglades. At Le Club Original, we have some experience when it comes to taking inspiration from nature and the earth itself. Our permanent collection of sustainable swimwear styles is just one example of that, along with iconic Le Club prints and designs that celebrate the beautiful beaches of Miami! 

Though you can expect regular Le Club quality, durability and comfort within this limited edition collection, the colors and prints used for each style are refreshing and unique. These swim trunks favor floral prints, though no two are the same. Choose from styles, including a set of deep blue trunks with tropical foliage, multicolored palms against a bold white background, artistic floral interpretations and much more. 

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Styling Tips

Since the Everglades Collection is all about highlighting natural beauty and taking inspiration from some of the earth’s greatest natural wonders, each style pairs well with other natural, earth-inspired tones. Since each style in the collection features a unique print, consider pairing your Everglades Collection swim trunks with a solid color shirt and a pair of sandals in a neutral color. 

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No matter which print you choose, Le Club has you covered on a matching shirt. Our men’s beach shirts come in a variety of styles and colors that create a cohesive look when paired with our swim trunks. Pair your printed Everglades Collection trunks with a white button-up shirt for a crisp look or a comfy rash guard in olive green. Because of their unmatched comfort and moveability, the styles in this limited edition collection are sure to become a part of your favorite beach outfits, loungewear looks and even your workout gear! Who said swimwear can’t multitask? 

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Speaking of multitasking, each and every pair of Le Club Original swim trunks is made from recycled materials. When you buy a pair, you’re giving new life to used items, reducing waste and supporting the sustainable fashion movement!

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