4 Reasons to Choose Stylish Swim Trunks Over the Banal Board Shorts of Yesteryear

.It’s springtime and the sun is out. The ocean calls from across the waves and the festivities happening poolside and within the cabana. But wait, what are you going to wear? You don’t want to ruin such a fun and perfect day at the beach with the uncomfortable, outdated look of ill-fitting board shorts, do you? Of course not, because you are a dapper and intelligent man. Which is why you’ll carefully consider the following 4 reasons to choose stylish, quality swim trunks from Le Club Original over the banal board shorts of yesteryear.
  1. Utility
No one wants to be hungry at the beach, and you’re no exception. From swimming, to volleyball, you’re going to work-up an appetite, and will need a lunch break. By wearing stylish swim trunks, you won’t have to worry about any untoward, funny looks from other restaurant patrons, nor will you have to deal with the hassle of changing into something more acceptable for dining. You can pair one of Le Club Original’s trunks, like say, the contemporary and sleek Fish Neon, with a cool linen shirt and comfortable canvas shoes for any restaurant or eatery without hassle and judgement.
  1. Comfort
Board shorts are manufactured with a drawstring waistband and heavy, unlined material. Originally designed for surfers, they aren’t the most comfortable or practical swimming attire for lounging poolside or for fun, relaxing days at the beach. Contrast that with swim trunks. The waistband is elastic, and the material is lined and much more breathable and comfortable. Plus, swim trunks are a bit shorter, lending themselves to a much nicer tan.
  1. Appeal
Board shorts, while marketed particularly to surfers, are outdated, too. The height of their appeal was in the mid-2000s, over a decade ago. The iPhone wasn’t even on the market then. Board shorts are clunky dinosaurs in the men’s fashion world. Plus, the ladies tend to like it when men put some thought into their swimming apparel, if this recent GQ survey is any indication. Swim trunks, while comfortable and utilitarian, offer swimmers a better fit and more contemporary, sleek pattern along with a stylish cut, like with this Le Club Original pair. The neutral color of the coral pattern with a splash of tangerine orange give these swim trunks an upscale and modern look.
  1. Quality
Le Club Original believes that swimwear should never be an afterthought. We take pride in our ability to design, manufacture, and deliver quality swim trunks for men and boys. With Le Club Original swimwear, you’ll get a modern-looking, stylish set of trunks made with fabrics of the utmost quality. Our smart and trendy trunks are made with elastic waistbands, complete with a drawstring for added comfort and protection. All are made with a fine, inner-mesh lining, side pockets, and a back pocket with a Velcro flap. We care about appealing to modern sensibilities, and our swim trunks are designed with sleek and contemporary cuts and patterns. Never go to the beach looking like an outdated mid-2000s, wanna-be surfer with a clunky old flip-phone again. Check out Le Club Original’s new line-up of stylish swim trunks for the 2018 season and look good and comfortable at the beach this year.

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