4 Beach-Inspired Father & Son Matching Outfits

The summer months tend to hold some of the very best memories. Between sunny afternoons spent outside, week long beach vacations in new places and late nights with great friends, you probably have a few special recollections of summers past. Though summers spent with friends new and old are some of the best, there’s nothing quite like making memories with your family during this time of year. With so many family-friendly summer activities out there, it’s easy for dads to make plans for everyone and look good while doing it too! Whether you’re going to the beach, the water park or anywhere on dry land, here are some of the best beach-inspired father and son matching outfits to wear this summer. 

1. Twin Trunks: Summer is all about spending time in the great outdoors! Whether you’re thinking about planning a father and son fishing day, a day of dudes-only pool time or an epic sandcastle-making contest at the beach, you’ll need your swim trunks. 

What better way to start off the bonding session than with a set of father son matching swim trunks? At Le Club Original, we’re serious about style and a great fit. Little men and dads alike can count on our swim trunks to be comfortable, durable and available in lots of color and print choices. 

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2. Matching Beach Coverups: Whether you’re a parent of one kid or seven, you know how hard it can be to tear them away from having fun in the sun so you can make sure they’re covered in a good layer of sunscreen. 

Give them an extra layer of protection (and a cool shirt to wear both on and off the beach) in the form of a long-sleeve rash guard! The material can be worn in the water, dries quickly and provides SPF 50 protection. Best of all, these rash guards come in men’s sizes, too, making for the perfect father son matching beach day outfits. 

friends playing wearing swim trunks

3. Sustainable Ensembles: There are so many great ways to get involved in groups and organizations that work to preserve local environments, educate the public about sustainability and make an effort to enhance local outdoor spaces. Consider a special father and son outing this summer where you can both learn, get involved and give back. 

Some activity options might include participating in a beach cleanup, making something out of recycled materials or supporting a store or brand that commits to sustainability in the production of their products. You don’t have to go far to find the latter because Le Club offers an array of sustainable swimwear options for both men and boys, so you can support sustainable clothing efforts while looking great in your matching shorts. 

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boy sitting in beach sand

4. Dual Beach Prints: If there’s a hierarchy of beach-inspired clothing, then tops and shorts with bold, colorful prints reign supreme. The perfect beach outfit for men (and the boys who match them too!) consists of a great pair of sunglasses, beach-approved sandals, a pair of swim trunks and a stylish linen shirt. Create a sense of beachy balance by pairing a solid color shirt with swim trunks in a funky, colorful print. With sizing from boys’ XS to men’s XXL, Le Club offers everything you need to create the perfect beach-inspired matching outfits!

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